Unrefined crude oil. The by-product of dinosaurs rotting for millions of years underground.
Petroleum is the formal name for unrefined fossil fuel.
by GAWII May 20, 2008
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British Guy: Imma fill meh car up with teh petroleum!
American Guy: Pardon me sir, Do you perhaps mean gasoline?
British Guy: Yeh! Thats what I want!!!!!!!11one
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I need to stop at the gas station and put premium petroleum in my pimpin' 1979 Camaro.
by James Lowe July 5, 2005
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A non-profit organization that encourages others to shave their pubic hair and give it to BP or Kevin Costner to help with the Flaming Verizon Sanchez clean-up.
On June 10, 2010 Robin Williams donated 14 bushells of hair to Pubes for Petroleum by shaving his balls.
by pubesforpetrolem June 16, 2010
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1) The words that an incompetent person will say when they are actually referring to a local law enforcement agency formally know as the "Highway Patrol"

2) An incorrect reference to a law enforcement entity made by confusing the meaning and context of the two unrelated terms "petroleum" and "patrol"

3) A grammatical error made by a person who is inept at speaking english properly.
ida made it out der to nikki's pig pickin if hadint got pulled by dem dangonn highway petroleum
by imsohott69 August 29, 2010
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The top dog of engineers. The big dick bandit. Is a master of science and math, specializes in drilling, reservoir and completion of oil wells. Girls get wet at the site of a Petro Engineer. A good Petro Engg doesn't need a lab to determine the composition of a crude oil, he merely smells the sample and gives raw data without breaking a mental sweat. The Petro Engg is often the highest paid engineering major and as a result has many nice material objects. Having a degree doesn't give you instant access to becoming a Petroleum Engineer, some other requirements need to be met first such as having a diesel pickup and chewing tabacoo
Did you see that guy slaying dragons by that oil well? Yeh, I think he is a Petroleum Engineer you can tell by the diesler he is driving and the massive dip in his mouth.
by PETROENGG July 28, 2011
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BP for short. They are the English company responsible for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico disaster resulting in the worst oil spill in history.
British Petroleum will never be able to tell us how many millions of gallons (or barrels) of crude oil have spilled and poisoned the Gulf waters which will ultimately have negative long-term affects for many years and generations to come.
by MTF June 15, 2010
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