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Shitting yourself when ripping a fart.
I plotched in gym class and had to run to the showers to clean my chili cannon.
by Dakeboy 59 September 22, 2017
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A very offensive and vulgar term used to define a woman who is poor or broke.
"Hey john, I want you to meet my mother."

"No brandy, I'd rather not. I've seen that plotch digging through trash cans for her next meal before."
by Some fucktard June 23, 2017
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the sound something makes when u spit and it hits something ...also a substitute for jizzed or cummed
Alex:what would you say if I were black?
Dylan:I'd say plotch again?!
Dylan:then I'd laugh cuz i said plotch
Damn that girl was so hott i plotched all over the floor
by Dylowned June 07, 2005
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