The console coming out after the PS4
Guy 1: Dude, why have you put the Playstation 5 on here already?
Guy 2: So I can be the first!
Guy 1: That's awesome, I'm gonna do the same with the Playstation 6!
by Peter57 December 16, 2012
The next in the line of prestigious video-game consoles from Sony, now opting for an iconic look that some have compared to a reverse-oreo, a router, and many others. Oh, and triangles.
Person 1: Hey, you planning on getting a Playstation 5?
Person 2: Bro wouldn't you rather get a regular thing of Oreos at the Walmart? It's probably not $999.99 either, like the Playstation 5 totally is.
Person 1: Oh right, duh. I bet it doesn't even taste that good, bah!
If you though the PS3 was expensive at launch think again, the playstation 5s expensive (until a price drop)
Jimmy can't afford the playstation 5.
by Darnville February 5, 2021
Its just a fricking Wi-Fi router.
Who the frick designed it has a reserved place in hell.
I have new Wi-Fi router,
its called PlayStation 5.
by RatInFreezer June 12, 2020
The thing your little bro won't shut up about to expensive like bruh...
by OwONOTFURRY45 November 23, 2020
the playstation 5 is that one new fortnite machine that was lewded during the announcement
person 1: hey wanna play on my playstation 5?
person 2: sure!
person 2: ..
person 1: okay the only game we got is spid-
person 2: im leaving
by augboi November 15, 2020
Despite the fact that its predecessor had better sales the PlayStation 5 is doomed to fail because of its disgusting appearance.
"Have you seen the PlayStation 5 its ugly af."