1. n: A way of organizing music on an MP3 or computer

2. n: A list, either in writing or digital, of women and their telephone numbers that are most commonly used for Booty Call. On rare occasions, women have been known to keep a playlist, but its more of a male item.

see also: Little Black Book
1: Mary: "Hey Christina, I just added Bon Jovi and Katy Perry to my 'favorites' playlist."

2: Jeff: "Hey John, what do you think of Mary over there?"

John: "Totaly man. She's on my playlist."
by Mr. Entity March 31, 2011
1. A word that is rapidly becoming horribly trend-whorish as a league of old bald white corporate ad-agency type republicans have come to believe that its use can be exploited in various commercials and movies to boost revenue.

2. The list of songs you have on winamp. Not to be confused with your musical selection on Itunes, also known as a Gaylist.
1. "Hey cool dudes! Want to get some hip new tunes on your favorite playlist? Check out the new LG phone's rockin' new features! Play the most pimpin' new hip-hop ballads on your favorite built-in software, RealPlayer!"
2. "What the hell is this, John Mayer? Turn that shit off."
by Ashpool September 22, 2008
1. Any media worthy of adding to a playlist.
2. Any media, (song, podcast, movie...) capable of being added to a playlist.
1. What is the name of that band? Their songs are so playlistable.
2. Where did you find that movie link? Is it playlistable?
by Playlists.com October 3, 2010
1. That status of a song, movie, podcast that has been added to a playlist.
2. An activity, event or thing that will be repeated in the future.
1. I love this new song. It is so playlisted.
2. I just heard your podcast. I love it -- you've been playlisted.
3. That restaurant was great, it is definitely playlisted.
by Playlists.com October 3, 2010
Discrimination based not on race, gender, or religion, but rather on a disturbingly horrible iTunes music library discovered through a school or job network.

Refers to the "shared music" feature available on iTunes in which one can browse the various music libraries of the co-workers or classmates in the network. Often requires awkward explanation of why you have "that song."
Mike accused me of playlistism when I questioned his collection of Color Me Badd b-sides.
by Edwin January 24, 2005
The act of making a playlist of songs, to burn onto a CD or put on an MP3 player or iPod. Usually takes up an hour or two.
"Hey, wanna go for a beer?"
"I can't, I'm playlisting for my trip to France."
"You geek."
"Fuck off."
by Patrick Listing February 7, 2009
Discrimination based on the music on someone's computer playlist. Of course, if someone's taste is bad enough to include Daniel O'Donnell on their computer, they probably deserve it.
My God... you actually LISTEN to Busted?!?
by Ronan March 20, 2005