Used primarily to advise someone against a course of action that may result in an unpleasing outcome either for themselves or others around them.
You’re playing with fire here. don’t blame me if you get hurt
by The Captive Spirit September 13, 2010
Xx: Hey did you check out BLACKPINK’S Playing With Fire?
Xx: Of course you dumb bitch
by THATblackpinkstan October 9, 2020
When you take unnecessary risks.

To court danger.
Davey was really playing with fire when he picked up that drunk broad around the corner of the car accident.
by fireballgatens June 8, 2022
You really like to play with fire, don't you. Stay away from that Oxy if you care for your well being.
by The Return of Light Joker August 23, 2010
Many like to play with fire. It can be dangerous but it's fun.

Every couple plays with fire during their first night married.
by anonymous $#!+ February 28, 2010