4 definitions by THATblackpinkstan

A slow but emotional song by BLACKPINK (pretty good)
Xx: You know, BLACKPINK’S performance of STAY last night had me in tears
Xx: Yeah right! Like it’s so relatable too!
by THATblackpinkstan October 9, 2020
a 12 member raging lesbians cult
"gays for loona"
by THATblackpinkstan April 20, 2021
The best song BLACKPINK has ever made😫😫😫💖🖤
Xx: BLACKPINK killed it last night! My favorite moment was when they sang Hope Not
Xx: I loved Hope Not too! Like they put so much emotion into it and it makes you want to cry When you’ve gone through something like what happened to Lisa
Xx: What happened to Lisa?!
Xx: She wrote Hope Not when she broke up with Taeyong
Xx: Oh really! Then she was feeling very bad, but I’m glad they’re back again!
by THATblackpinkstan October 9, 2020
Xx: Hey did you check out BLACKPINK’S Playing With Fire?
Xx: Of course you dumb bitch
by THATblackpinkstan October 9, 2020