The act of using a dildo on one's self for pain, pleasure, or fun. It can also be done between two or more people together.
My friend Lucas told me he was playing a game...I KNEW what he meant....
by Jerkoffboy March 24, 2011
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When you take a risk, any risk you are playing the game.
When it comes to school playing the game is when you do not do your homework.
Max: Man did you play the game last night for math?
Nick: Yeah I played the game, didn't do my homework.
Max: I'm not going to be surprise if you fail the test we did today.
Nick: Yep shouldn't have played the game.
by MaxwellBoomHeadshot May 28, 2006
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When a male/female makes a Female/male think that they are the only one in there life. When in reality they are getting "played" and this person has another female/male on the side.
Jon you "play the game" like a pro. You totaly played that chic.
by *Brittney* May 12, 2005
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When consuming drugs, marijuana, shrooms etc.. and not letting anyone else no that you have, while trying to go the whole night without them figuring it out.
Cody:Dude I am playing the game rgiht now.

Kon: Your a fucking mutant.
by kon101 January 11, 2008
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When the male/ or female are involved or trying to be involved with one another.
Glenn: Alyssa is so hot I want to date her
Aaron: She has to play the game first man, test her out

Glenn: You're right! If it's easy she won't stick around
by Thebitchthatsknowshershit December 11, 2013
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"Mom, don't come in. I'm playing video games. Let me beat this boss, and I'll be right out."
by BioMechMoose June 4, 2005
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