Playing chicken is when two cars race toward each other; the first to pull to the side is the chicken (coward).
Don't play chicken with him, you'll end up totalling your car.
by OneBadAsp October 24, 2006
placing hand on partner and inch by inch get closer to their private area every time they ask "are you chicken?" and if the person says "no" then they shall continue inch by inch
playing chicken- the act of playing sexual activity for game
by lllllolkggdd December 20, 2017
Noun- a pathetic person or team (undeserving of but) given the last seed in a tournament in order to make the total an even number
-from an episode of King of the Hill where Peggy must play a boggle playing chicken in a boggle tournament
Person 1- "Yo, your playing Triopia's JV?"
Person 2- "Yeah... they didnt have enough teams for the tournament, so they had to add a boggle playing chicken."
by Kichael Moore January 10, 2010