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A small, but expanding town in southwest Wisconsin. The main form of entertainment is Wal-Mart. The college provides multiple activities, including the Center for the Arts (CFA) which often has very good concerts and performances.

It is often described as boring, but it is a nice little town to live in.

Nicknames include:
I live in Platteville, where do you live?
by nerd4life March 04, 2009
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Although it seems boring at times, University of Wisconsin Platteville has some of the best nugget I have ever seen in my life. Also, the only place in the world that has the ShagStick. 5 Feet of bong power.
"damn homie lets pick up some crazy nug from platteville and hit that damn shagstick!"
"O.K. Steve if you want to."
by Bodega! April 12, 2005
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Platteville is one of the boring town's in Wisconsin. If you are thinking about moving to Platteville unless you're looking for some weed do yourself a favor and don't move there.
Dude wanna goto Platteville? What are you kidding me? I would rather die.

Dude wanna goto Platteville for some weed? Hell yah man
by God of Egypt May 10, 2005
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