Ancient philosopher who propounded his theory of the Forms, a core philosophy based upon a fundamental belief in unchangeable perfect eternals from which everything in the phenomenal world is manifested as mere reflections or exact relations.

Plato's idea of the Good, an external form, is the absolute form from which all forms manifest. And as such, values are objective, says Plato, and a moral gradient exists wherein actions can be said (and judged) as to whether they represent true representations, or false ones, of the Forms.

Plato's thoughts on issues of life:
- On death/philosophy: Philosophy is the art of dying. Philosophy itself is the medicine for the soul. The goal of philosophy is to separate the soul from the body. And in doing so, philosophy prepares man for death. Death also brings about recollection of the Forms when the soul part existed among the gods. Death released the soul back to heaven.
- On Justice: Exists when each part -- i.e. in the city-state, or within the soul's cardinal virtues -- does its own part/job.
Plato's philosophy of Forms constitutes an objective moral world.
by William Bartley November 19, 2004
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The most well-known man in Philosophy. Unlike Socrates, whom we know little about, Plato wrote his thoughts down. He was Aristotle's mentor and the writer of The Republic.
Then I suppose that opinion appears to you to be darker than knowledge, but lighter than ignorance?

Both; and in no small degree.

(Western Philosophy, John Cottingham, p. 17)
by Blake Martin January 21, 2004
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A phalange cut presumedly from the foot of a corpse and worn around one’s neck with common household string. It is primarily worn for luck, as it serves no apparent utilitarian purpose.
Ted: Dude, is that a real toe around your neck?

Ralph: No, it's a Plato that I wear primarily for luck.
by Kate Sjostrand April 5, 2008
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One of the original spiders who cast the web in which we have not escaped for 2,400 years was plato. He banished art, making himself the only artist. Only he was a master B.S. artist. He learned from the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians how to enslave man "permanently," unless we can find away out of his Platonic thought and actions. He came up with a world of ideas that he convinced many people existed. Some were downright racist/fascist like his concept of the three metals that we all supposedly had at our essence. Guess who had the "Golden essence." Correct it was Plato. Guess the slave's metal. Right, lead. You too could have this golden essence, if you worked hard for Plato, fought in his army, didn't rock the boat, and paid 40% of your income to fight Plato's wars to kill and enslave your fellow man who was most likely much like you. He was one of the first protection racket politicians. Scare them and they will follow. Sound familar?
We are looking for a way to escape plato's web, but can't find it because we are looking with plato's eyes.
by fred ressler September 29, 2006
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The most overrated philosopher who ever lived, he practically invented totalitarianism in his so-called "republic", which would impose draconian censorship laws and a strict caste system maintained through outright deception and eugenics by the philosopher kings. He defends this dystopia using Socrates as a mouthpiece character and giving him a bunch of braindead morons to debate to make his ideas appear irrefutable.

Among Plato's many innovations are orders for doctors to kill thoughtcriminals seeking medical aid and total censorship of any art that isn't watered down kitsch designed to brainwash people into absolute conformity. Without a doubt, this asshat truly put the dick in dictator. Just say no to Play-dope.
Quotes from Plato's Republic

Socrates: And so it follows that you must suck my cock for all time, does it not?
Glaucon: Certainly!

Socrates: Crimethinkers unbellyfeel Kallipolis. Vaporize doubleplusungood oldthinkers.
by Eddy1701 September 28, 2006
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An incredibly dull, weird or over exaggerated story is a "Plato" story, usually told with a lot of excitement. Plato refers to the ancient Greek Philosopher known for his theory of the cave.
Person 1: Oh my god funniest thing ever, I was almost late this morning.
Person 2: Oh Plato! The things you say!

Person 1: Guess what? My leg hurts because I bruised it! (Laughs)
Person 2: You don't say Plato?
by mtwini09 April 20, 2013
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platos cave is a cave with sevoral people chained to chairs, these people have only ever seen shadows on a wall, so to them the shadows are reality, thae have never seen the real world, plato (the philosipher who came up with the idea) is trying to say the reality we experence is the only reality we have experenced so how do we know that there isant anything beyond our reality, we are like the prizoners chained to the chairs
guy 1:do ya ever feel like the prizoners in platos cave
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