To take several small items that fit in the palm of your hand and throw them in someones face. Note: you must shout pizz'a loud when you do it.
Eric was looking depressed, so I pizz'a-ed with some five, five, five, and five.
by Dr. P. Hunter July 23, 2008
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best meal in the world. Vegetarians will snap out of their near-deadly ways to get 1 slice of the meal Italy invented
G1: Dude, i just had this pizza slice, wanna try?
G2: No way man, i'm a vegetarian
G1: That's false man, try it! it's good!
G2: no, i'd rather eat tofu
G1: that last serving of tofu you ate was nothing but pizza! goes with everything!
by your best idiot March 16, 2010
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Whatever you want it to be....

(Think in-ur-end-o)
Maddie: Mmm, I love me some meaty pizza.

Polly: I prefer vegetarian.

Jenny: Well, I like personal pizzas.

Meagan: You would.

Jenny: I do.

Maddie: I know, right?

Polly: For sure, right?

Meagan: Fo siz, affirmative?
by BHS Tech July 23, 2008
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Pizzas are made by adding tomatoes onto a round and flat dough and can be added any local flavors that suits your taste buds. They taste great, however, they're very expensive.
I only buy and eat a pizza a year cause it's very expensive.
by Sean O'Mearaz January 08, 2006
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