To sell Dope!!! I.E. Meth, Coke, Crack, or any type of powdered drug...
by Da Baydestrians April 14, 2010
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The one doing the sexual act in either gay or normal intercourse
Who was pitching and who was catching?
by Nbj777 September 23, 2008
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A technique of checking a girls ass out by dropping a simple item (i.e. a pencil, hat, gum wrapper, etc.) and having her to pick it up by bending over with her butt faced towards you. This trick is very hard to pull off because you have to be very convincing.
Boy sees the school slut (ahot girl) walk by, and drops pencil, close enough to her. Girl stops, bends over, and boy gets a good glimpse of her butt. Girl hands him pencil, and walks off suspecting nothing. Boy smiles to himself, a champion of pitching, looking for more bait.
by apeman09 September 14, 2009
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The act of giving in money to a make a large pool, mostly contributed within a circle of friends, for the general purpose of a gift or something for an occasion.
"Hey guys, Bob's birthday is coming up, lets all pitch in so we can get something big!"

"Pitch in for alcohol, guys?"
by Astroe January 21, 2010
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when you want someone to tell you what they just said, say "pitch it"
"Hey, you'll never guess what I heard about Tracee's Mom!"
"Pitch it!"
by Very Very Very Tall Elf January 09, 2008
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To sell drugs, or anything without a barcode for that matter
I was pitching rock on the block till I got Knocked by the Cops
by RonCris July 31, 2005
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a word to express the fucking brilliance of something.
"Lizzie looks so pitch today, wow"
"Cristine got kicked out of a drag show again; absolute pitch night."
by Paramoo May 04, 2017
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