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Female (often in her late 20's- early 30's)admirer of the soccer-playing population. Will often perform sexual favours for said population solely based on their affiliation to the sport (i.e.: soccer equivalent to "puck bunny", "lacrosstitute")
She's such a Pitch Bitch; the only reason she's watching this game is because #9 is her next prospect--slut.
by wood clan February 11, 2008
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- A musically-inclined female with perfect pitch, who throws diva-esque tantrums when her less gifted bandmates play something out of key. Said female may also be prone to violence against said bandmates during this tantrum.
"Did you hear about Leah, the singer in that band? She was singing and halfway through her set, her guitarist played a chord that was off-key - she stopped singing and stabbed him with a kitchen knife! What a Pitch Bitch!"
by straycat January 13, 2014
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