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a place in east london, which is near bow (Dizzee rascal)and Plastow is da home of many Mc's.
Forest gate
manor park
east ham
upton park (yes west ham footie ground)
crazy titch: big up my Plaistow and straford heads
by Princess Bitch November 06, 2004

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a song which has been band in Essex's coz it started fights. coz sum people don't know how to dance to garage music
pow pow East londons finest
by Princess Bitch November 06, 2004

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So Solid crew: is the group that make the music
So Solid Family: is the friends and family of the gruop that make the music
I got 21 sec to go ........
by Princess Bitch November 06, 2004

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another way of saying someone is going to loose control and throw a fucking hissy fit
Mildred pitched a bitch when she saw how "far" we had to walk to get to the car when we picked her pathetic fat ass up from the airport even though none of us wanted her to come visit us. We only wanted Jason to come visit us. We are glad that Mildred is no longer a part of our lives cuz she is the biggest fucking bitch any of us have ever met in our entire existences. She likes to start fights between either herself and relatives or relatives and other relatives, therefore alientating everyone around her. For more information about this bitch Mildred, please look up Mildred.
by Princess Bitch August 10, 2004

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a name that people give there children, when they know that there child will grow to b a loner and follower.
to be one with urself.
Sum1 who is a loner
Solitaire is a Solitaire
by Princess Bitch November 05, 2004

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