An Australian adjective used to highlight the extraordinary insignificance and/or small size of something in a demeaning way. (usually a location)
Bazza: "Let's get out of this pissfart settlement, nothing ever happens."

Maggie: "Christ, look at this pissfart prawn!"

Dave-o: "Sydney used to be a pissfart town, like Townsville."
by Freeboot January 17, 2011
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The utter most relieving passage of flatulence amidst empyting the bladder.
Bro, I Just let out the biggest pissfart in the bathroom... I feel like a new man.
by Alvinnnnnnnn February 27, 2017
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Pissfart. One of the many insults that are allowed to be used in roblox. Pissfart means a smelly little crusty musty dusty pigeon looking ass pissbaby. Pissfart is when u piss and fart at the same time, so it sounds like a queef and it smells, which is the best description for that 8 y.o. little roblox kid that called you a noob .
“dude!! that kid called me a noob for having no robux!!”
dayum he a real pissfart”
by itsmebabykata March 25, 2021
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Whilst straining to get that last bit of urnine out my knob, I farted. In retrospect it was quite funny.
by cunole April 04, 2004
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Feces in liquid form, expelled accidentally.
Peter could no longer control his bowels during the job interview and did a pissfart which formed an embarrassing brown stain on the back of his cotton pants.
by lemmyroid April 15, 2003
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The act of farting while you piss. Usually only guys do it.
Oh i pissfarted this morning!
by RyanGuy33 March 28, 2008
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