Piper is an amazing woman that is very adored. She is very kind hearted and is easy to fall in love with. She is very beautiful in many ways but you can’t help but love her beautiful smile. They way she looks at you with her amazing eyes just make you want to marry her already. She is a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Piper is the most perfect girl in the entire world!
Piper is really amazing
by Bbobst2325 November 10, 2018
Piper is a great person. Even though a lot of definitions say otherwise the one I know is pretty cool. She might not think super highly of herself but she is still great. She has pretty red/orange hair. Not only that but Piper is really nice. Some people might think that she is absolutely the worst person in the world but that isn't true she is pretty cool. Piper is chill and funny even if she doesn't realize it. If you find a Piper be kind to her.
by GamerLady March 18, 2019
A girl who is absolutely amazing in every way possible, has a super body, an awesome sence of humour, loves rock n roll, love dogs and monkeys put together, and everybody loves her!
Oh man, that girl is such a Piper!

I wish you were more like a Piper...

by Piper!! October 16, 2011
A Piper is a good friend and will never intentionally hurt you. She is the leader of the pack and always has your back. She is fun, loving, sweet, and awesome.
by hermioneeverdeenchase August 3, 2018
An artsy sweet girl. Things affect her easily but if she lets you in she will become a constant in your life. She has a wonderful eccentric sense of humor. And i quick to call out your bullshit. Shell try anything but is always cautious to be safe. Always up to do whatever. Super crazy. But the best friend youll ever have.
Omg piper your so funny.
Pipers such a fun girl.
Omg did you hear piper took 5 shots of tequila last night.
by Indiiiiii October 10, 2018
Happy, funny, charismatic, all around wonderful to be around. A state of well being. And cute as all get out.
We had fun! My girl was all PIPER today...
by boogie4902 November 2, 2010
she protecc she attacc she don’t give. A quiznak
Wow is that Piper, she is such a nice friend
by SeaSide November 8, 2018