Sweet, funny, kind, organised, smart, smartest person in PCG, loves reading, a true Hunger Games/Harry Potter fan, beautiful, pretty angel from heaven. Her friends are proud to call her their friends.
Person 1: "Piper is so pretty. I wish i could look like her."
Person 2: "Shes not pretty.....shes gorgeous."
by TigerTay September 20, 2018
A quiet girl, who is typically straightforward and demanding when she speaks. She is quite versatile and everything she does she does correctly. She knows that she's good and she's somewhat popular. Not someone you want to mess with and she can be reserved. She's also pretty, but then again, everyone is. She'll make your life hell if you cross her bad side.
"Who's that girl over there? She's really good at all these sports, pretty too."
"Oh, that's Piper, she can be such a bitch sometimes, but she's super good at everything she does."
"Piper's not a bitch, she's just reserved and straightforward!"
by Kennedy Artziluez April 16, 2019
she protecc she attacc she don’t give. A quiznak
“Is that Piper?”
by A gay boi November 8, 2018
a kind girl that doesnt want to feel left out she gets bullyed at lot but stands up to them she has a lot of free time and likes to play video games with that time online and offline her friends love her and her jokes
piper freeze theme-charmed
by realAgent7 August 3, 2019
Piper is one of the kindest girls you will know, she is usually quiet and reserved unless they are with someone they like or friends at that point they become some of the warmest and bubbliest people. Piper often plays a sport but isn’t the best at it, but her attitude will always be great and she thinks about others much before she thinks about herself. She often doesn’t realize how good she is because she is very focused on helping other people and making them feel better
Person 1: what would we do without Piper
Person 2: I don’t know man she really helps everyone out a lot
by 80Gwadneh May 31, 2021
"That group is against minorities."
"So Piper isn't safe? Oof."
by Addy Snow August 19, 2019
A Piper is someone worthy of love. They may believe that they're a burden, annoying, or constantly need to put up a front. None of that is true, if your name is Piper and you're seeing this, hi! You're incredible. You've never been a burden, not one bit annoying, and you don't need to force yourself to be someone else just to make people happy. You're incredible and talented, you're loved by everyone around you, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Shout out to all the Pipers out there!!! I love you!
"Piper is so sweet, I'm so happy whenever they come online."
"Damn when are you two gonna start dating?"
by eccentricities October 27, 2020