When you reach inside someone's anal cavity and pull their arsehole out
"Woah Sarah there's liquid shit all over the walls!"

"Sorry, I received a good ol pink socking last night and now my arse is loose"
by Big Boi Bumole February 18, 2019
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When you get railed so hard, your rectum sags out of your ass.
David: Is that a pink sock?
Wesley: I'm afraid so...
by hamturkey May 15, 2017
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During non-lubed anal sex the male pulls out abruptly and savagely, leaving the rectum in question protruding like a rolled up pink sock.
Viv: Damn girl you look sore!
Sally: Yeah that bastard I went home with last night pink socked me, and now my farts sound like a New Year's eve party favor.
by Buck Futz June 07, 2009
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(n) this is the result of excessive anal plundering; the intestines actually exit through the anus, forming a dangling mass, resembling a pink sock.
When I left prison, I had a pink sock the size of Texas.
by Captian Dave January 19, 2003
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When your ass, comes out of your ass.
Stop taking pictures, and take me to the hospital, you gave me a pink sock, you mother fucker!!!!
by Lauriston April 29, 2009
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where whilst anal sex is taking place the colon is reversed and creates the deadly pink sock hanging out of the ass. this results in death
"the pink sock just popped out last nite man while i was with my girl she dead man"
"ure goin jail fool"
by knower of all things February 10, 2004
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Slang term for prolapse rectum, or anal prolapse, a medical condition in which the colon is turned inside out and may protude out the anus.
I was so constipated, when I finally took a dump it felt like i had a pink sock
by Will Jam August 14, 2004
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