Basically blonde for alt girls. It's like saying I'm girly but I am rebellious.
For every ten preppy girls with blonde hair, there is an emo girl with pink hair.
by Tingle Likes Rupees June 19, 2017
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The color you put on after bleaching the freak out of your hair that means I'm hot but I hate you. Looks good with Russian and Indian (American) skin tones. Turns on most. Redneck girls will always come up and tell you how much they like it.
Oh hey, I really like your pink hair its so cool, I wish I had the balls to do it.
by Gabbrieelleeeeeee June 10, 2011
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The ability to turn grown men into pedophiles by singing, dancing, doing the splits and baking cakes. The power of Pink Hair was pioneered by a fourteen year old girl named Stephanie on a NickJR show called Lazytown.
Designed for youngsters the misguided members of YTMND and 4chan adopted Stephanie as their own and provided countless images and music sites to lure mature users. Stephanie is said to have loli and its all down to the mysterium of her pink hair and attire.
"Bing Bang briggadingadong; funny words I say when I am dancing."
"Up, up, do the jump, move your feet and clap your hands together."
"Its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake."
"You gotta do the cooking by the book."
and in irc discussions brief reminders of Stephanie are:
"Pink hair tho"
"wouldn't be able to walk properly for a week"
by Johnline January 30, 2007
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Pink hair looks warm to some people, but it doesn't make somebody a warm person, any more than wearing outlandish outfits or talking at a certain decibel level makes somebody a warm person. Anybody can be warm in a crowded bar where everyone is looking, or cameras are watching.
Pink hair doesn't make cold eyes something other than what they are, and it doesn't turn spades into rakes. Having a colorful outfit and hair never made somebody a colorful person, since any plain person can die their hair any color they want to to make thmself look and sound more interesting (or goofy, or serious, or anything else) than they really are (to boost their reputation).
by The Original Agahnim September 24, 2021
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Often moody, chatterbox, accident prone, stubborn, narcissistic, short attention spanned, pink haired goddess.

However, she's very smart and has excellent Event Planning and Organizing skillz. She's just that awesome.
"Have you voted for the Pink Haired Wonder Yet?"
"Of course! She's too awesome not to vote for her!"
"Yeah. And hot too!"
by LadyVa October 17, 2008
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The girl who turned out much better than her whore of a mother
PERSON1: Hey look at that pink haired girl!
PERSON2: I bet her mom's a whore.
by Billy Bob Joe Bob Fred III November 19, 2013
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Definition a freind who is tall pink haired and a guy. if said person is friends with a small muddy blond haired guy then the tall pink haired guy must give them £100 on the small muddy blond haired guys 13th birthday. otherwise the tall pink haired guy will die 1 week after the said small muddy blond guys birthday!
by Laddere January 31, 2020
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