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An adult (mostly late teens) who act like they're better than everyone else because they follow a certain religion, leading them to think they are always right about everything. They get triggered easily and claim they can beat people up (but end up getting the shit kicked out of them). They also tend to hate the LGBTQ community and are extremely racist, and they also get triggered by memes about God.
He got triggered because I sent him a picture of God with a bra on, salty ass religious bloke.
by RandyTheRockerRichards May 3, 2020
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God. A fucking lyrical genius in a pink morph suit who writes songs mainly about sex or food.
Me: Ay b0ss! I habe cancer! Gimme that pusi, habe you seen an alien plz?

My Brother: Are you quoting that Pink Guy shit again?

Me: Nyes
by RandyTheRockerRichards July 3, 2019
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That one rhythm in a lot of media or video games that plays when there is some relation to someone or something that is either japanese or chinese. It will usually play when you are in a video game level where you are fighting an asian character, or it will play when cartoon characters are visiting China. Also, it was used in the song ''Kung Fu Fighting''. And I finally found it after 7 years. It's usually like: ''dun dun dun dun dun dun dun doo''
Me: *Plays fighting game*

My friend: Hey, what's the name of the song that just played?

Me: It's called the ''Oriental Riff''

My friend: Thanks!
by RandyTheRockerRichards July 3, 2019
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A group of people who claim that they are the best and are really special just because they listen to 80's music.
These people are mostly kids and teens who comment negative remarks on how everyone's taste of music sucks on Justin Bieber music videos.

_Keep in mind that someone who is confident in their taste of music doesn't need to let everyone know_
by RandyTheRockerRichards September 1, 2018
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