Pinder is a person of colour of Indian descent
Hey Tyler do you smell the food these pinders are cooking up? It’s stinking up the street!
Tyler: Yeah that pinder lives next to me!
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To Pinder is the act of urinating on someone, often for no real reason but sometimes due to certain unreasonable prejudices.
Omg, what the fuck! He just Pindered all over Chris! How could you ever Pinder on someone.. That shit is just wrong!
by SteadyEddyMageddy December 20, 2010
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A woman who's main objective in life is to show of her body to Men. A Pinder has no morals, is usually stupid/ditzy and will do pretty much anything (especially sexual) to gain herself something or sometimes, just because(!)

Named after the Lad's Mag 'favourite' Lucy Pinder.
Sally: Then I showed him my tuppence because he has a nice car...

Laura: Oh my god you dirty Pinder!
by Juliet W June 21, 2006
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to scam your friends out of money, to be cheap,
Marcus pinder Tommy for 30 bucks at dinner
by Marcus Kraft February 29, 2008
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A person who plays the same song over and over again until it is no longer enjoyable. A song killer.
Someone who regularily plays the same song multiple times within a 15 minute span would be condsidered a pinder.
I used to love that song until my friend pindered it.

I have to pinder this song! It's soooo good!!!!

You've played this song a hundred times!! You're pindering it!
by ErinP August 7, 2013
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To burn a plated dinner left to keep warm in the oven.
"You're late! Your tea is pindered! Serves you right!
by Marble of Mancunia July 15, 2019
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A thief, a pincher and a general all round scum bag
He’s such a Pinder I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire
by SuperJon February 28, 2020
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