n. He or she that doth chargeth an exorbitant sum for commonplace words that, when aggregated, shalt have magical meanings that conferreth limited liabilities and haveth the power to compel writs of coram nobis, habeus corpus, etc.; and for such services he or she shalt render unto clients bills that doth contain billing increments as small as six minutes; and shall ye fail to pay him or her, he or she shall initiate the shaft of the law unto thine anus.
Oh man, my word pimp is on my ass about that employment contract I gave him; he backhanded me when I didn't pay my bill.
by Codezilla August 2, 2013
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shit-pimp: to 'pimp the shit' or to 'make unbelievably cool' something that your friends said couldn't be fixed or made awesome. Only to be used in circumstances of extreme amazement of the pimping of something that was once shit.
note: following situation is just an example and is not in anyway meant to be offensive or possible.

man 1: remember my old girlfriend Britany? The one with the black hair?

man2: You mean the 300 lb. whore who you only asked out because you lost a bet?

man1: yeah; i took her to weight watchers and paid $5000 to have them genetically alter her body. Now she weighs 90 lbs., check her out - *introduces new britany who looks like frickin angelina jolie*

man2: omfg!!!!!! your girlfreind got shit pimped!!!!!!
by BILL1ARDman500 August 26, 2008
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very sick or really unwell and contagious
Jerry: “wow you look awful! need a hug?”
Jojo: “you might wanna back up Jerry, i’m sicker than a pimp!”
Jerry: “oh my god! pimps are pretty sick! bye Jojo see you in a month!”
by momma chulo December 4, 2021
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