a man who solely lives off of Fried Chicken and hits on the staff of the local Fried Chicken establishment; a Man who is in a relationship where he is not the breadwinner and does nothing to assist the household except to eat the food that is in the home
Brandon is such a Dinner Bucket Pimp - he can always be found on the arm of the newest cashier at the local KFC.
by Sassy Transcriptionist January 3, 2014
a pimp smokeing weed
that pimp was so doing the pimp weed! he's G
by coreyyy♥ July 15, 2008
The top of the line. As good as you can get in life or at something.
Why be a lamer when you can be the pimp sheezy?
by July 12, 2021
A ignorant person that resembles a shrew who has an unhealthy obsession with Easy Mac. Furthermore, they stalk lonely accountants in their vast amount of spare time.
Geez that Julia Hume... her adorable nose reminds me of some slutty pimp mustard i saw on the weekend.

slut easy mac accountant ryan bruce
by mavt10 May 15, 2011
pimp son , the average uncle of a black family ,wears stud earrings doesnt really call they mom and flips cookout food on the grill with they fingers
“hey grandma did you speak to uncle elroy ?”
Grandma: “no you know that boy dont call anyones hes a
pimp son”
by Pimp son the destroyer April 4, 2022