A delicious breakFEAST consisting of pancakes that have sausages cooked into them. Served smothered with syrup on top. Rarely ever made unless by specific request on holidays or on a day you stayed home from school sick.
Dad: What do you kids want for breakfast?
Kids: Pigs in a blanket!
Dad: Are you sure you don't want french toast instead?
by Nateson Richardman July 30, 2011
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When you fuck a girl in the ass and pull out as quickly as possibly. The suction pulls out the lining of her colon around your dick making it look like a pig in a blanket. Later she must have it sewn back in.
I just pulled the pigs in a blanket on my girlfriend. She's goin in for surgery tomorrow.
by Vergalicious February 19, 2008
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1. playful slang for an uncircumcised or intact penis with a long, thick foreskin covering most or all of the glans or head.
2. (USA) a tasty oven baked junk finger food hors d'ouvre made by wrapping a Vienna sausage in canned Pillsbury (or similar) biscuit dough so that only the very tip ends of the sausage are visable.
Tiger Woods may perform like a real workhorse on the back nine holes, but I'll bet that Sergio Garcia has a nice little pig in a blanket for the crucial shots.
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
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1) A degoratory term used to describe an undercover cop
2) An uncircumsized(sp) penis
3) A delicious snack consisting of cocktail-weiners wrapped in some type of roll
1 - Damn David! That was close! You almost bought weed from that pig in a blanket. That woulda sucked!!!

2 - Look at that guy... he has a pig in a blanket... HAR HAR HAR!!!

3 - SAY BITCH, Go make me some mo' pig's in a blanket
by Martin March 17, 2005
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It is when a man has a threesome with two fat chicks.
"Dude, I am going to go for a threesome tonight!" "Look at you man, you have a better chance pulling off a 'pigs in a blanket'."
by fatchickluver June 17, 2009
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when you take the excess skin on your ballsack, and stretch it around your penis and make it touch your other ball. usually only done by people with only one testicle since they have the extra skin from where the original nut used to be.

worth 4 points in the penis showing game.
I got mark with the pig in a blanket. it was awesome.
by xzbvbnmvjn March 28, 2008
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When during sexual intercoure, a man (usually a white man) pokes his penis through the hole in his boxers rather than taking them off.
She was too impatient for the full monty so she took IT pig in a blanket.
by KSense January 27, 2009
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