A spanish golfer who will never win a major championship because of his massive choke factor with the putter. when he loses a tournament like the 07 british open, he blames it on a higher power by saying "i lost because i was playing against more than just the field". he is also imfamous for spitting in the cup after pulling his ball out of the hole (because of a bad score). and when he was confronted by a commentator interviewing him after the round he didnt even acknowledge the question.

the famous "fistpump" they show of him after winning the players championship was right after he missed a 2 foot putt. luckily he had 2 putts to win, otherwise it would've been another choke. after he made his 5 inch putt he celebrated more than tiger did after sinking his birdie putt on 18 to force a playoff with rocco mediate in the 08 us open.

he also complained (in an interview) about his anger towards the media for always focusing on tiger woods and not him. get a clue sergio, he will be remembered as the greatest athlete ever and you wont be remembered at all.. on the rare occation that tiger does lose he doesn't blame God for it. he mans up and shakes his opponents hand (without spitting in it first).
Matt: "dude, did you hear sergio garcia left spit in the cup for tiger to touch?"

Garrett: "yea, but tiger left cum in sergio's throat in the locker room before the tournament, so it's even"

matt: "that explains why he chokes alot, i guess he might have just been spitting tigers cum out of his mouth"
by vijay singh March 7, 2009
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