The pig-headed guy talked about his face like if it was perfect.
by dodewdu December 25, 2009
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People who engage in political discourse are generally very pig-headed about their stance.
by RabidSquirrel83 October 25, 2005
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The sloppiest of head
Great bitch gave me pig head now I can’t feel my dick
by Skllker May 27, 2022
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How former British Prime Minister David Cameron's cock looks after he's inserted it into a dead pig's head, whilst allegedly being initiated to an Oxford University dining society.
Man: "What's that posh twat doing with his beef whistle, bro? His little bishop is completely pig headed!"
by BeefTea January 29, 2017
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a stubborn, unreasonable person
unwilling to listen to the other side
I've given up trying to explain it to him. He's a pig headed jerk.
by Sparky99 October 28, 2007
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Rude annoying bastard that is just plain out annoying
That kid over there is a pig ass dick head
by yass boo December 23, 2014
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