A biological father of a Sara who is never around and smells bad.
That piece of shit doesn't even help pay for my car insurance.
by Ssmandawg July 14, 2016
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All he does is hang out at the blueline. Does that piece of shit ever play defense?
by PD21 July 7, 2021
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A person who's personality is made up of other peoples tastes and is completely unoriginal with every idea they have. These people are freeloaders and only bother to help when it benefits them.
Malcolm constantly pranks his freinds with things he has often seen online. No wonder why so many people think he's a piece of shit.
by Dr. Kitsune April 12, 2017
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(Noun - Person)

A person who makes completely self-absorbed bad decisions that result in very bad personal consequences and personal failure with little payback to the individual making the decisions. This type of person typically does really bad, self-destructive things purely as a means of getting attention. Activities usually involve doing something very mean to someone else for attention. Often suffers from low self-esteem and can be also defined as a loser.
This piece of shit recorded a YouTube of himself licking ice cream and putting in back on the shelf.
by John9999 July 10, 2019
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