Useless, worthless, anything or anyone that has no purose, or works incorrectly... or fecal matter deposited out of the butt..
Moulton lava is not a piece of shit or a rock.
Elizabeth is a poisonious piece of shit.
There is a piece of shit on the side walk in San Fransisco.
Please clean that piece of shit before allowing it to go out in public.
Your car is a piece of shit.
by crappa shares August 5, 2011
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At least one presidential candidate in the 2016 US election is a piece of shit, and it's not Hillary Clinton.
by redolentvelvet September 13, 2016
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Person 1: Man, that guy is a piece of shit.
Person 2: That's Donald Trump for ya.
by TheExtremeBroner August 30, 2015
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A dude or lady who is annoying and mean
1. Wow Sam dont be a piece of shit.
2. You’r such a peice of shit Andrew, stop it!
by A gamer whos here November 23, 2018
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President Piece of Shit has resulted to be a fat useless fuck, once again.
by Emibells67 June 22, 2018
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adjective: poor quality; displeasing ; Also abbreviated POS
Billy Batts: Now go home and get your fuckin' shinebox.

Tommy DeVito: Mother fuckin' mutt! You, you fucking piece of shit!
by stanq89 November 15, 2013
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