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A pidget is a micro pig with the torso (upper body (from the waist up) including arms and head) of a dwarf attached to the back. It also has wooden peg legs (although the legs are interchangeable, attachments include springs, running blades and tank tracks). The best and rarest pidgets are ginger and of african origin. Some pidgets are also born with downs syndrome, but this does not effect the life span or happiness of the pidget, infact in most cases it increases both. Pidgets are very happy and make great pets, are very loving and the noise of their little wooden legs on hard floors is incredibly cute. They cannot breed but can be grown from taking a small cutting from an existing pidget and planting it in a pot in a warm room.
Hey Dave, I can't wait to enter my pidget into the pidget olympics. He's really good at trampolining.
by pidgetlover July 07, 2015
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a perverted midget, aka a pidget

(invented by a short person)
Tall Person: Why do you always hear perverted things? I mean how do you get "balls" from "wanna hang out tonight?"
Short Person: idk its just my nature!
Tall Person: I just realized how short you are... like midget short
Short Person: Stop calling me a perverted midget! pidget!
Tall Person- HA! I'll call you that from now on! Pidget!
Short Person-Grrrrrrr...I hate you...
by Pidget May 02, 2009
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This is an extremely small pigeon and most of them (Round 97%) never live to see the day!! This is sad and the remaining 3% are aware of this fact!Late studies of this species reveal that they have a strange mating act... When the female pidget wants to mate, it simply vommits a mix of carefully selected grass in perfect circles!
The alpha pidget then carefully approaches the female pidget from behind and brutally performs a hot carl then inserting its genetalia while purring like a cat! high definition cameras have actually managed to film one before ending its days in a jetmotor!This might seem strange, but a norwegian scientist has figured out the secret why so many end their days in freak aero accidents!Pidgets are simply born with strong magnetic fields in their wings and stand chanceless when turbine maelstroms from jets come closer than 5 kilometres..Estimated rate of survival of the species is 3 years!A pidget website is under construction and there, people will also be able to leave donations to the"save the pidget" foundation!These incredibly beautiful creatures deserve a second chance!
this is a close relative to the common pidgeon!
"Is that a pidgeon??No, it is much smaller!!!What the hell is that thing, could it be the nearly extinct pidget?!!Christ it just got sucked in to a jet!!!"
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A ratchet ass hoe. You use this word in company of people that you don't want to swear in front of.
Human 1: "I have seen that girl all over like 5 different guys since she's been in here, not to mention how sloppy she is."
Human 2: "Yeah, man. What a pidget!"
by sid1993 January 29, 2015
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A person who is taller than a midget but shorter than a actual person
When you go to the races do you bet on the horse or the pidget?
by .45 April 20, 2010
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someone who enjoys or feels the need to start fights all the time; usually gets a feeling off satisfaction from others annoyed feeling.
dude, i was at school and this gurl picks fight with me, she is such a fuckin pidget
by nick turk January 19, 2005
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