Pidge Gunderson
Also known as Katie Holt
A character from the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender

Gender: Female /Trans??

Sexuality: ???

Favorite Color: Green (of course)

Skills: Technology, Smart, Loves her Family a lot.

Family: Brother (Matt Holt), Mother and Father

Best quote: "I built it myself."
"Pidge Gunderson, our tech girl, pilot of the Green lion, Defender of the Universe."
by Pidge My Smol Child February 15, 2017
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pidge-strine is basically the australian language (strine), with a ridiculous spelling. Words are spelt as an australian would say them, to the point where people must speak the word aloud before understanding. It is derived from the words "pigeon" and "australian", due to a pigeon language being a local version of a language.
the following is written in pidge-strine:
ya godda cheggoud dars heeneree ovreer. sapp sloo lee mazen!

and here is the translation:
you've gotta check out the sceneryover here. Its absolutely amazing!
by Wurshup_Poyda December 30, 2020
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To chill out after a phat night or after a sandwich.
nothing much, just had a massive tuna sarnie so just pidging
by pidger May 08, 2011
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When you hit a football like christiano ronaldo and it bends like warm metal into the top corner of the net
So I hit it and it went top left pidge
by Netfinder September 27, 2015
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