1. A hard boiled egg cured in vinegar or brine.

2. A solid, or semi-solid turd still in the colon that is surrounded by or floating in wet, loose stool. When evacuated from the bowel, a pickled egg is preceded and followed by explosive, wet shat.
I just heard what sounded like water pouring out of Carl's ass, then a notable heavy plop, then pure water again. What's going on in that bathroom?

No worries mate. He's a bit ill. He's just cutting loose a pickled egg. He should be right as rain soon.
by Eaton Holgoode October 22, 2015
It is the name for a girl who is a wild character and loves to have a cainful evening on a friday night in the Gardinerz.
"The Human Pickled Egg", also, "The Picken", or "Jordan", loves to deck herself to Lady GaGa on a weekend after being severelly skullcapped for the smallest fee available!
by thehumanpickledegg February 15, 2009
When a woman shoves soft boiled eggs up her coochie and then proceeds to squat down and lay them like a hen, then the partner proceeds to eat the eggs with all the Coochie juice coated in it.
Girl: wanna try your fantasy tonight?
Guy: omg no way pickled eggs tonight?
Girl: yes pickled eggs tonight, turn the stove on!
by Hot_Girl21 March 8, 2021