when a girl gets wet and comes and her juice leaks from her coohie
"I was fingering alyssa and her coochie Juice got on my hand"
by Zack Seip October 22, 2004
Noun; the juices that come from a coochie i.e., a woman's vagina. Commonly used as an insult similar to douche bag.
Ted; "Dude, don't be such a coochie juice!"
by Rawrzabeth January 16, 2011
Shreks Coochie Juice is one of the best mixed drinks ever, comprised of a secret mix of Sailor Jerrys Savage Apple Rum and an unnamed soda. Enjoyed by patriotic right wingers and created by Kevin Lee, Shreks Coochie Juice is a legendary mixed drinks
"I see white claw to my left, and Shreks Coochie Juice to the Right"
by If you know... March 22, 2022
When you are to take tweezers to a female infected with the herpe virus and start uncontrollably popping them until all juice is out, filling the cup. Downing the cup as if you were dehydrated and have a full glass of ice cold water.
Bro, last night me and my girlfriend we’re mid way through raw sex when I had to fill my cup with that radioactive coochie juice.
by Chicken N*times September 16, 2018
a concoction of all things that keep *down there* smelling and tasting good.
equal parts cranberry, pineapple and apple Juice (all unsweetened) with some ice.
Jake just invited me over, time for some of that coochie juice!!
by inurmom.com October 27, 2022