The Picard Maneuver is a battle tactic invented by Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard. In 2355, Picard was in command of the USS Stargazer when it was attacked by an unknown alien vessel, later determined to be of Ferengi origin.

During the engagement, the Battle of Maxia, the Stargazer, which was holding station several million kilometers away from its adversary, suddenly accelerated to warp 9 directly towards the Ferengi ship. Because the enemy was only equipped with light speed sensors, they had no way of knowing that the Stargazer had moved until it was too late. When the light from the newly-moved ship reached the Ferengi ship's sensors, the light from its previous position was still arriving, so the Ferengi saw two Stargazers. Even if they had figured out that the new image was the genuine one in time, it would have been too late, as the Stargazer opened fire as soon as it dropped out of warp, and the Ferengi ship had no time to maneuver out of the way before the phasers and photon torpedoes hit. The Ferengi ship was destroyed. This technique was so successful that it was named after Picard, and there was no known defense against it until 2364.
During the Battle of Maxia, Captian Picard was in control of the Stargazer & invented a battle tactic called the Picard Maneuver and destroyed the Ferengi ship.
by X Juno January 10, 2011
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What Jean Luc Picard Does whenever danger is around ,Disapears in to his ready room.
Well he is French after all!
Riker: Sir we are surrounded by Romulans!
Riker: sir?
Riker: Where's the Captain?
(INTERCOM): No1 I am in my ready room drinking Tea ,you deal with it!
Data :The Captain has performed the Picard Maneuver
by James T Kirk May 30, 2006
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When Captain Picard tugs the bottom of his tunic after standing up.
Usually after he gets up out of the captain's chair to answer a hail.
by plinkoboy November 28, 2003
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1.) N. - The act of straightening a leotard by grasping it above the waist and tugging it downwards decisively.
Upon taking command of the bridge, Jean Luc got comfortable in his seat by performing a Picard maneuver.
by Les Miller September 29, 2007
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Tugging down the botton hem of your Starfleet uniform tunic, Jean-Luc style, after making a command decision.
"I'm going to the bathroom to do number 2. You have th bridge, Number One." (Execute Picard maneuver here).
by Kimber Mullen January 12, 2007
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When fucking your woman you move so quick alternating from vagina to anus she feels it in both regions simultaneously.
Jeff gave Sally the picard maneuver. Sally couldn't walk for days.
by Picard Maneuver April 15, 2010
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