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A Talking Machine that can be used by hand cranking the switch by the switch on the bottom corner of the device.
The Machine Is a Predessor of The Record Player, and the Walkmen, or the CD Drive, or even the I-Pod, and even MP3's. Thanks In part to the introduction of the Phonograph in 1877 Sound In Motion Pitchures Telivison,and Music itself. Though futher more the Phonograph Revolutonized Product Placement and Music Itself It also helped contribute to the birth of Movies. After the machine was introduced in 1877 the product was originally to expensive for the regular consumer though 10 years into the introduction of the product it was by 1888 that a larger scale of American's had owned this device. The Machine was invented by The Electric Wizard Thomas Alva Edison,Thomas Edison for short. By the Turn Of The Century The Phonograph was in most households and became i huge consumer product.
Though by the Late 1920's Sound In Motion Pitchures had Over Shadowed the Phonograph. After the Decade was out the Phonograh was Re-Named The Record Player which was an Updated Version Of The Phonograph The Record Player possessed Better Sound Quality.
Alex discovered some Vinyl Records In his Grandpas Closet.
Granda explained how they used to listen to musicians and singers on a hand cranked talking machine called the Phonograph which was the most valueable consumer product in the 1910's and 1920's.
by Classifed Information July 12, 2006
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A vertical photograph taken by an amateur cell phone photographer when clearly the photograph should've been taken horizontally.
You didn't turn your phone sideways when taking that sunset phonograph.
by Paul Hamus April 06, 2015
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