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The decade when WWI and the spanish flu epidemic happened. Basically a lot of death. Movies started to become much more popular and Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford became some of the first well known movie stars. The pre-WWI part of the decade had the sinking of the Titanic and very large hats. During the mid 1910s calf length (how scandalous!) wide barrel skirts, long curly ringlets, and floppy bows became popular among young women. The post-WWI part saw the beginning of the jazz age, prohibition, and flappers. Many trends of the 1920's have origins in this decade.
The 1910's had Franz Ferdinand 'n stuff
by ideknames January 02, 2014
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Adj. Something that is expected to have a long lifespan by virtue of having existed for a long time, based on the lindy effect, named for the New York restaurant Lindy's, coined by Albert Goldman and popularized by Nassim Taleb.
cooking with fire is lindy
by mmebs June 13, 2021
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