The spot between and mans genitals and asshole.

This space can sometimes give a man pleasure or an awkward surprise.
Honey I wanna try something new. Can you lick my parking space?

Hey some of buddy’s tried a new thing called the parking space. Wanna try it out later?
by Skepticalnessess November 29, 2019
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The one thing you look out for when you drive your pregnant wife to the convenience store to pick up some strawberry Pop-Tarts at 2 AM.
Honey, keep your eye out for a nearby parking space, I don't want to park a block away and have our car stolen by some cock-juggling hood rats.
by SuperSixOne May 24, 2015
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Someone who parks their fancy car in multiple spots so nobody scratches it, but parks your car in, preventing you from leaving.
Girl: Sorry I'm late
Guy: Traffic?
Girl: No, it was a Parking Space Bitch.
by the-n November 17, 2015
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The best parking space in the entire parking lot, typically characterized by being closest to the entrance of the associated building; prized for its rarity.
We showed up at Kroger around 5:00 am, and since the only people awake at that hour are stoned teenagers in need of some vanilla wafers and kettle cooked potato chips (but surely not Saltines), The Richard L. Odiorne Memorial Parking Space was just screaming our names.
by taodiorne March 15, 2009
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