a band that produces music that causes no anger like bullshit rap and stupid radio rock.
boy man that phish sure makes good music
by Fee August 27, 2003
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A soon to be defunked Jam band. Never forgotten. RIP PHISH
by mark May 27, 2004
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American jam band formed in Burlington, VT in 1983. Members in clute Trey Anastasio (vocals, guitar), Mike Gordon (bass), Page McConnell (keys) and Jon Fishman (bass). They were active until 2004, except for a 2-year hiatus between 2000 and 2002.

Known for their improvisational skills, extended live shows and dedicated fan base (see Phisheads), Phish were at the forefront of the jam band revival of the early 1990s that also spawned Blues Traveler, the Spin Doctors and Widespread Panic.
When it comes to post-Grateful Dead improvisation-based rock bands, non can hold a candle to Phish.
by Derek G. December 28, 2006
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the best kind of music that us fishal can here
YOu man you got phish
by bhatasdad April 29, 2007
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A derogatory term for a dull, meandering jam session or guitar solo.
Pearl Jam were rad last night but they started to phish a bit during their encore and i wasn't stoned enough to enjoy it.
by scarletcityfever April 16, 2010
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A "jam band" that have tripped so much, smoked so much, and gotten wasted so much that they can never remember how their songs go. So they make it up as they go along! C'mon, people! They're not REALLY jamming, they just can't remember how the song went! That's why ever time they play it it's different.
Unwashed Phanatic In Birkies: Oh mannn! I love this Phish song!
Some Dude with Hemorrhoids that Knows The Truth:
How can you tell what song it is? It's different everytime!
by The Truthish October 20, 2005
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Plain and simple, Phish sucks. Just a bunch of drugged out hippies that write a bunch of metaphorical, lame ass lyrics that nobody can relate to unless your brother is the Wolfman or if you gotta jibboo. WTF? Of course the "music" sounds good to their fans, but not if they are not on acid!
Listening to you take a shit sounds so much better than listening to Phish.
by moooooooooon June 04, 2011
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