A nickname for a male named "Philip" or "Phil". Normally associated with someone who is 'filthy' at something.
"There goes Philthy running down the field! Man he's such a beast..."
by Name Expert Inc. April 29, 2012
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A word mix between the name Phil from the YouTuber Phillip Micheal Lester AKA AmazigPhil and the word filthy. philthy was made up in a comment on the Fanfiction: The Benefits Project, wich is about Phil and his YouTube best friend Daniel James Howell AKA danisnotonfire. The comment got a lot of attention and someone asked if this could go on urban dictionary
Damn my disgusting philthy mind
-The_Phan_killjoy on wattpad about "we both finished our hot dogs and threw our napkins in the bin."
by Phan-__-trash September 24, 2015
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6 boys from miller place that write shitty rhymes, do coke, smoke weed all day, and love to bomb on girls.
Have you heard that new philthy boys track, it sounds like shit!

I seen them philthy boys rollin down Echo Ave with Chris Brown bumpin, those faggots.
by doggystyleee August 25, 2006
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Adj. 1. being of, or exhibiting, extreme filthy behavior, 2. going by the name of Phil Mendel
Philthy Phil was rolling around on the hallway floor again in his underwear screaming "I'm not drunk!"
by Ross Yamamoto December 22, 2004
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