Philippines is a nice country.Kalibo Aklan is a nice place with their Street Parades(Ati Ati Han) and is a gateway to Boracay Beach, a magnet to tourists and divers.It is a clean beach and the water feels great!The boat tours are exciting,too!
Candy in the Philippines is delious!
by Snowswipes March 15, 2007
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An archipelago located somewhere in SE Asia.

The Philippines is an ASIAN COUNTRY, check the records.

Member of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), to futher stress my point.
by Sixto July 11, 2006
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It's the country of intelligence, beauty and charm whereas almost all of the people are hardworking and very nationalistic.
Are you from the Philippines? Why? It's because you are very clever, nice and artistic.
by chapsbryan November 11, 2006
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A) Asia's banana republic(alt coconut)
B) 2nd largest archipelago in the world
C) a true melting pot of Asian,Hispanic and American cultures/values/genes!!!!
A-1945-Highest GNP per capita of countries in the Orient..2003-now behind Thailand and Malaysia despite tens of billions of us aid..also huge endemic graft/corruption issue...illegal drug exports..guerillas.....Catholic bueracracy...can anybody say Colombia in SE asia!!!
B) big archipelago...largest being Indonesia over 7100 islands at last count
C) Most surnames Spanish with much of the national language..Tagalog heavily influenced by Spanish(colonized by Spain at roughly the same time and duration as Mexico!!!)..descended from Malyayo/Polynesian seafarers...most recently colonized by Americanos...(walk down any street here "Hey Joe" as in GI....leading to the exotic blending of the Pinoy/ay today
by vincent January 22, 2004
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umm...sorry, but philippine fashion is WAY AHEAD of american fashion bud. Haven't you noticed? they DO wear the trendiest clothes cuz they always look towards London for fashion. America is WAY DEAD LAST when it comes to being in tune with world fashion.
My friend was wearing americaneagle pants in SHOEMART mega mall in the philippines and some girl went up to here and said pointing to her jeans, "that is SO outdated."
by jonel guanzon October 03, 2005
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Home of the nicest people on earth. They have many talents and they seem to never be mean. People from the Philippines are also Good, Hard working, Caring, loving, and a lot more of good things.
John: I'm going to the Philippines for summer vacation next week!

Jeff: Awesome! I've been there before. They have really nice people.
by FilipinoPerson June 03, 2009
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It's THE adjective. "Filipino" is a proper noun, "philippine" is its adjective. It's common misconception to use "filipino" as adjective and instead of "philippine".
"I love philippine food!" and NOT "I love filipino food!"
by Mabille November 03, 2006
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