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Philosophical method/discipline, typically associated with 20th century Psychology (Husserl) and Existential Philosophy (Heidegger, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty).
One of the aims of Phenomenology is to attempt to describe something (an object, an experience) directly, seperately from its preconceived origins or causal explanations.

Most of our experiences are clouded by preconceptions. By identifying these preconceptions, it was thought that Phenomenology could help us distinguish between what is real and what is appearance.
When we think of 'Time' , we think of clocks, deadlines...etc. However, a child who has not yet formed these preconceptions thinks of 'Time' as an eternal 'now'. The child's perception is phenomenological, it is unclouded by preconceptions.
by st0gey March 26, 2005
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