a text you receive or send about a man cheating
“hey girly i just wanted to let you know that your boyfriend has been texting me recently & i didn’t know he had a girlfriend until i heard from a mutual friend
by milfsdotcom October 19, 2021
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A derogatory term used to strip the masculinity from white people.
"Abortion is murder"
"Hey girly! I think you need to take a seat"
by dripgodry April 27, 2022
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Pretty much all of girls text messages to our besties.
"hey girly luv ya!"
"girl i love u to!"
by Emmy Conley January 25, 2021
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the name we use to describe a very creepy person.
person a: omg hes so creepy
person b: man ikr??
person a: hes such a hey girlie hold still
person b: ffs ikr.
by koryoryoryory March 1, 2022
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