1. a cool or awesome person.

2. a fairly common name in Germany.

3. the name of a sewing machine company.

4. a word used to replace the word fuck, to censor yourself
1. dude you got to get to know this kid he's a Pfaff.

2. hey do you know Mr. Pfaff?

3. Did you know Pfaff sewing machine are the Mercedes of sewing machines.

4. Guy: Ah FUCK!
Dude: hey there are little kids here!
Guy: Ah Pfaff then.

by seffj March 13, 2008
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The greatest person you ever met.

The object of affection to most. Still to many others the object of jealousy and spite.

Pfaff males are great looking athletic men.
Pfaff females are Prom Queens and generally become successful in business.
I met the hottest guy today. His name is Joe Pfaff. He plays Football and he's a volunteer life guard. I think he could be the one!
by Johnny Blackheart November 15, 2009
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The 'Smith' of Germany
also popular brands of sewing machines and beer over there

in the U.S., most Pfaff's i know either became farmers, priests or accountants
-mildly emotionally stiffled, but genuinely good people who can be counted on
"Look, a Pfaff sewing machine!"
by mercedes November 4, 2004
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To do charity work in the developing world and spend most of the rest of your life talking about it.
Please stop Pfaffing on about de-worming orphans in Rwanda!
by Kothel September 4, 2010
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extraordinarily large bush
Her silhouette behind the curtain was inviting until she removed the towel and the Buckwheat pfaff joined the party.
by Bob Boston June 2, 2003
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