the white kid that is still a mexican on the inside so you call him/her vanilla bean
by mexicansamuri December 16, 2011
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A white human trying to be mexican
look at this vanilla bean here in east L.A
by nonhuman July 20, 2009
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A person who is forced to go tanning with people he hates due to little or no skin pigment. This person will go to great lengths to be anything but his true color...pale. By anything i mean, sit in a car with people that reek of dick juice. Though he might look like a sexy tan(red) piece of man meat after his exposure to ultraviolet lights, it hurts him a bit each time he goes for the ride to the tanning salon.
Question: What kind of bean is best?

That's a ridiculous question.

False. Vanilla Bean.

Well that's debatable. There are basically...

FACT: Beans smell like Tiger Balm
by Perfect #13 March 30, 2009
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The coating of semen on feces after anal sex
person 1: Hey did you hear what happened to that slut?

person 2: Yeah man i heard she had vanilla beans for a week
by waiter, check please May 5, 2011
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when a person is half mexican half white. thus called a Vanilla Bean
"i'm a white cracker what are you?"

"i'm a Vanilla Bean!"
by S..R..H.. November 7, 2009
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This morning everyone left the house, leaving me alone with my thoughts and my hand. After talking to this hot Canadian i slipped my hand inside my panties for some vanilla beaning.
by RyattBear December 12, 2017
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A tall, slender, attractive white male. Someone who makes one weak in the knees just by arriving in one's vicinity. Someone who even makes straight men stop and think "Damn, if it was only for a night... He's girly enough...". One of those effortlessly cute guys who doesn't know that he's unequivocally gorgeous, and who also happens to be a kind, mellow person on top of his boyish looks and charm.
Girl 1: Oh my god, did you just see that Vanilla Bean walk in?

Girl 2: Hell yes I did, he's practically Tom Hiddleston!

Both girls proceed to squeal and attempt to discreetly take cell phone photos of said stranger who's just entered their consciousness.
by Mini Tinkles October 16, 2012
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