A sexy ass girl that has a sexy body and is perfect in every way. She has an enormous ass and knows how to make it clap. She is really good in the bed and she knows how to work that body. Petra is fucking fine as fuck and she gives amazing head.
"Damnnnn. Petra has a nice ass."
by That real nigga November 20, 2013
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Nice, charismatic, guy with cute dimples and an adorable butt. Someone you notice the second you walk into a room. Full of laughter and confidence, loves all things masculine, sports related, and blond bimbos.
Damn! That guy is such a Petras, everyone loves him.
by Sar-Uh May 17, 2009
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awesome christian rock band. in 1995 they released "no doubt" with a hint of 80's flay-vor. its hott stuff.
by beck September 01, 2003
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Petra is a word most used in Norway. It describes the state your mind enters when you have drunk too much alcohol, you are nearing a blackout and your personality in a sudden totally changes, and you more or less become someone else.
That girl Fanny, is totally Petra now!

Yeah, should we worry about her?
by arzenhuz December 01, 2013
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a. (verb) to lean against an object (ie a wall or a big-ass tree) imitating the death of the character, Petra from the anime "Attack on Titan" or "Shingeki no Kyojin".
b. (noun) the soul female member of squad Levi in the anime from "Attack on Titan" and was heavily implied to have a relationship with Lance Corporal Levi at the time of her death.
"Hey guys, I just Petra'd against that big-ass tree."
"Did you see Levi's reaction when he found Petra's body? That was so feelsy!"
"I think Petra was pregnant with Levi's baby when she died. Just saying."
by Sango Nanami October 18, 2013
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any girl who smokes weed. if you don't know a girls name and she smokes, then call her petra and she'll answer
petra smoked a bowl
by Mike Hunt 42069 July 10, 2008
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