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The 6' 7" lead singer, bassist and composer for the Gothic metal band Type O Negative

Also see the band: Carnivore

Born in Brooklyn, New York

Known for his intelligent humour, deep voice and gargantuan, HUGE balls

"I wrote this next song on the toilet, that's why it sounds like shit"
I built myself a nice little cageWith bars of anger and a lock of rageI can't help asking Who's got the key?When I know damned well it's me -Peter Steele
by FuckYouYouFuckenFucks April 02, 2010
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A man.

A man who is pure genius when it comes to putting feelings into words and music.

A man with a heart of gold who is not for sale to the highest bidder.
Not a body part.

Not an object or a thing.
by Susey December 17, 2003
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Peter is a man of his own world.

Not just the singer for Type O, which I must say-may not be talented in his eyes...although I think thats either modsty or sarcasm-cannot even be categorized as a goth, metal or hardcore band.

Peter's voice alone will "move" being so...."Slow Deep and Hard"......."alot of meat in motion"
Slow Deep and Hard(1991)
The Origin of the Feces(1992)
Bloody Kisses(1993)
October Rust(1996)
World Coming Down(1999)
Life is Killong me(2003)
The Least Worst of...DVD(2000-2001)
After Dark...DVD(1998)...

But if you are just looking for the body....refer to Playgirl issue-- August 1995
by Madam of Masters February 15, 2004
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An extremely good looking 6 foot 6 lead singer of a gothic band with a freakishly HUGE PENIS.
I wish I were like Peter Steele
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
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I think possibly the best looking man ever, who has an unbelievably amazing voice, plays great bass and makes great music - Not to mention my heart skip a beat. (or 20)
by Nina January 06, 2004
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