Pierre Elliot Trudeau. In my opinion the worst fucking prime minister ever. we use to not suck when Lester Pearson was the Prime guy. Then fuckin Trudeau comes in here thinkin he's so badass. Thank fuckin christ Joe Clark took the office after him. He sucked bad as well so we had no other choice but to bring old Elliot back in and have him suck more. thankfully, we got him out of office and now were back on task to kick all american asses bitches!
coach: alright mike, get in there for chris
chris: what? i dont need to come out! wow coach, way to be a p.e.t.
by randy maccormick July 06, 2006
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A pet is a object or animal you keep inside or keep outside you can have more than one you have to get special things sometimes and pets can be sick or hostile
I just got a new puppy from a pet store
by Jasmine pierce August 15, 2015
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Hey Danielle..yo mama was pet when you popped out of her breeder oven.
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
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Ifsah Chowdhary
Ifsah is my pet
by Thegamersbuttox March 31, 2018
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Pro Execution Team is a group of fuckquads that keep patrolling Poor Bitch Cunt Cash and extinguishing the fires.
The P.E.T. just took out the fire in Fuck Station 2

P.E.T. are retards
by Uranigun Man February 03, 2020
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