This is a fictional character made up after when one's mother writes "Don't put dishes in the sink" and I random word is though of. The pull stop at the eat of the word is integral to the whole use of the word. Only to be used in awkward situations. Especially on MSN when you either do not know what to say next or when no one has spoken in a while.
"Yeah, I hate that dude"
*Both do not talk for ages*
Or, "pet."
"lololololol, let's go ruin some forums"
by Jamesfox6 March 11, 2008
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The only member of the family you actually like.
by GummyOverdose March 18, 2018
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your bitch that will do whatever you tell him/her to do.
---are you really simping?
---she's my pet fuck you thought nigga she does what I say
by papi nick February 21, 2021
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Pussy Eating Triangle. Three women simultaneously eating each other out, forming a triangle.
I'd love to watch three hot girls perform a PET!
by Chi-TownCookie May 14, 2008
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When a guy proceeds to hold a girl's hand but has no idea how to do so, therefore he pets your arm as if it were Fido on the living room couch.
"Hey Jessica, how was your date with Jason tonight?"
"It was perfect until we sat down to dinner. I was in the middle of a ping war with Brenda when he started doing the pet."
by Silvs April 9, 2009
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manual stimulation of the genitals through the clothes by one's partner or drug ass sorority girl
I was pettin' this bitch and she was like, "OH! YEAH! GO BIG PAPA! GO!"
by Big Papa June 3, 2003
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I got all up in his grill and he was pet. He didn't say one word, yo.
by Danielle October 17, 2003
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