1. The act of being a pervert
2. Akwardly staring at someone knowing that they can see you, and yet you continue.
3. Checking someone out who CLEARLY does not recipricate your interest.
Why is that guy perving on me? He's like 40.
by anorexicseacow August 9, 2010
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To look at or to look up someones profile on a chat room or site where members can sign up and upload pictures of themselves
Sorry, i was just perving you Missy, but your hot!
by wardrock January 24, 2007
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Sitting in a vehicle alone in the parking lot of a grocery store or mall while staring at the people going to and from their own vehicles as they walk by.

Perving (or the appearance of perving) often occurs unintentionally when one tells his spouse / girlfriend / significant other, "I'll wait in the car."

Note: Also known as "Doing the Perve."
"Lisa, was that your boyfriend Steve I saw Sunday perving at Wal-Mart?"
by ThePointe March 18, 2008
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Perv is short for pervert. Pervert means some one who is interested in seeing people naked or having sex with them. We are all perverts, we are just afraid to admit it.
Oh my gosh! What are you doing in here? You perv!
by Originaltermsforwords March 27, 2016
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awkwardly straddling the line between being flirty and being creepy
she was really perving it to him last night.

being just flirty enough to make someone comfortable, and then whipping out a little creep to keep them on their toes. if they're a perv too, it'll work out. if not, it was never meant to be.
by jessie martinson June 25, 2005
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