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1. Peruvian slang for friend/buddy etc etc.(see:nigga,dude,bro,dawg,homie,brotha)

2. A Peruvian dish made out of mashed potato with tuna inside.
1. Spanish: "Como estas causa?"

English: "How are you buddy?"

2. Spanish: "La causa esta sabrosa."

English: "The causa is delicious."
by Tupac_Amaru December 06, 2010
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(Full name: known as "Causa Mortis" latin for Cause of Death, indicating the death of countless relationships, and women fall by the wayside, sedate but also distraught at the loss of awesomeness. Causa causes the schroedinger's effect in women. )

The Dutch Casanova of the 21th century, mostly known by his nickname "Causa". He has mostly spent his youth in training his talent pleasing women and to fortify his position among stud's. His glory is untill now unchallenged by any male adversaries and he currently trains upcoming stud's in the art of seduction.
He is commonly known on the Internet and in Dutch culture, nowadays being called a Causa is the ultimate rank for up-and-coming studs

His nickname "Causa" is also commonly used as a definition for beauty, sex and whoreish behaviour and can be applied several different contexts.
"Man, that guy totally causa'd those women.", "I wish I was more causa now and then","Watch out man, he is a Causa among men", "Once she went causa, she never turned back to me", "We were perfect for each other and then he causa'd her." or "She eventually left him, since he pulled a causa."
by Peenilord May 27, 2008
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