Your Personal Name is the name you feel most closest to. For example your name may be Sandy Elizabeth Smith, but your personal name may be Lizzy. That is the name that everyone calls you the most.
When in a grocery store someone may ask, " Is Sandy your personal name? You can say no, my personal name is Lizzy.
by mustrack November 29, 2009
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Some funny, loud way of getting a friend's attention, especially in a busy place like a classroom, hallway, store, etc. Add emphasis on the "Yeah"s and say the person's name like a question. It's meant to be really loud and almost sarcastic.
Oh YEAH, (person's name)? YEAH!

Oh yeah, Jenny Harris? Yeah!
by KAWFEE89 January 09, 2011
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one that is fake: one that talks shit on something then turns around a week later and does it; one that acts like your friend until your not in the room; also one that talks shit on someone and says he never wants to live with them again, but moves back in a month later and vigorously starts to suck their cocks; a real shit peice; cocksucker; one who sucks dick for the taste;one who dreams of speck and lingers on the thought of his dick; a worthless being; the definition of a flamer; one who lives his life trying to please Mr speck
damn lateley youve been acting like a "sergio ramos(not a persons name)"™ = ™
by richardblahblah January 29, 2009
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When a person continually fucks up at the same thing in the same way so much so that the act of fucking it up becomes known as a Special. When a another person makes the same fuck up as the originator, that act can then be known as "Insert Originators Full Name" Special.
Insult to injury is added if originator is in same room when term is used on someone.
e.g of "Insert Persons Full Name" Special.

Alan & Dave driving to another town

Alan "Jimmy always get lost driving"

Dave "Now im fucking lost"

Alan "Yeah you done a Jimmy Smith Special"

Dave "Shit"
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009
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Explanation of how perfect, amazing, endearing, hot, ideal-for-you, flawless the person you’re inviting is...
You: kakfkakfokskfki like you blah blah blah
Person: you do?
You: yes. So much, in fact, that

Person: that what
You: Will you go to hoco with me?
Person’s name: ...
by Itchinnandburnin September 12, 2019
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