in spanish it means Parrot, but it also means Cocaine. They call it like that because when you get high on coke, you talk and talk and talk, like a parrot.
last night we got so high on perico...
by psychobabe January 24, 2008
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Cocaine in all its forms. The word perico “parrot” in English is used because the cocaine goes up the nose and it gives you a sting like a parrot’s bite. Also uses as pericaso.
were eis the perico.
give me a pericaso
by ellobo November 03, 2005
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1) used as an allegory to describe the Miami and New York City cocaine culture circa 1975-1987.
2)An enlightning remembrance which brings back good memories and has been long forgotten until that moment.
3) A momentary lapse of memory.
4)An imaginary trip into ones mind in which the person reverts to Miami or New York City circa 1975-1987
5)An avid cocaine user or an EX-avid cocaine user.
(may also be one who resembles a cocaine user)
6)hallucinagenic trip caused by copious cocaine consumption.
1) I Remember that back in the Perico Flashback days, I was the man in Miami.
2) Juanito:Hey, Cuco do you remember that one weekend we took those girls to Fontainebleu?
Cuco: Oh damn, I had forgotten about that! I just had a perico flashback!
3)Damn, I forgot to clean the cat litter before we left on vacation. I must have had a perico flashback.
4)when I heard Born to be alive by Patrick Hernandez I had a Perico Flashback.
5)The guy who fixes my air condition is a perico flashback.

6)Cindy snorted so much cocaine she was perico flashbacking.

note* the verb tense form of the word is perico flashbacking and could substituted where the verb form is necessary.
by afh33 January 25, 2011
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A heist in grand theft auto 5 that is ez as fuk cuz u steal fing steal another fing, boat and leave islandds
Friend that I don’t have: L
Me: cayo perico.
toggaf k :dneirF
Me: k no i have tequila nvm call me when u get pink diamond
by Eric Cartman948 March 03, 2021
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